Satans demokrati

SATAN’S DEMOCRACY is a theater and arts event in a big office complex located at Nobel berget in Sickla. The project involves 110 artists and 40 actors and dancers, as well as over 250 students from School of Architecture – KTH. The result is a four-hour long performance and art-installation taking place in a space of 3,500 square meters. The piece will be showed from November 13th to December 31st 2015.

Except curating all art and set design, together with Py Huss-Wallin & Jimmy Meurling, we have also been part of realizing this entire project beginning with strategy and down to details with logo design.

The aim is to create a transnational stage and art project that urges the audience to reflect about our present and near future. With Satan’s Democracy, we want to bring together various artistic forces and broaden the definition of what a cultural experience can be.

The audience will be invited into a fictional world where they are promted to, individually, make their journey throughout the building’s 150 rooms and interact with the 40 individuals that inhabits Satan’s Democracy. With inspiration from the art collective Signal and Punchdrunk’s productions, amongst others, we are offering the audience an individual experience of an installation that is taking place on several floors simultaneously.

The first step in the realization of the project is the Artist in Residence program. From June to October 2015, artists as well as the Royal Academy of Fine Arts, School of Architecture, College of Arts have been invited to be part of a major art event.

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