About Us

For more than a decade we have combined art, craftsmanship and technology to fulfill our’s and our client’s ideas.


Our creativity and skills have developed through time, from details to the big picture, literally.

Resulting in arts, installations, set design & props that are appreciated in productions for commercials, events, movies and private use. Either we print in 3d or sculpt by hand, the result is what matters. We guide our clients from the idea stage to the finished product ensuring the highest quality and price worthy production. We cover all of your needs, our design and production experience involves pretty much every technology out there. If we haven’t heard about it our production network has.

Our clients needs and wants is always our first priority.

By having a tight knit team we guide you through the entire process of turning your idea into something real that you can touch. I you have an idea you want realized, contact us and let us buy you a cup of coffee and talk!


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